Active Meditation

A key we’ve found for Simply Spiritual ® living is meditation. There are many ways to meditate, and we encourage you to check out what works for you. This page offers some meditation tips and resources to help you on your way.

Learn How To Meditate in 10 Short Lessons

Over the centuries, meditation has been used for many purposes, from calming and healing physical, emotional, and mental stresses to experiencing other states of consciousness and achieving self-realization. There are many different meditation techniques and most of them are a passive process involving being still and emptying your mind and consciousness of all thought and feeling. In actuality, this is next to impossible to do. The thoughts and emotions of the human consciousness are nearly always present in some degree and will continually intrude upon almost any attempt to shut them out or quiet them completely.

Within MSIA we teach another dimension to the meditative process which changes it from a passive technique of “emptying the mind” to an active technique of directing the mind and emotions. We call these active meditations “spiritual exercises,” which suggests the activity of exercises combined with a spiritual focus and thrust.

The soul is an extremely dynamic and creative unit of energy. It is ALIVE in the truest, most pure sense of the word. It is that part of you that never dies, always exists, always IS. It is an extension of God and a spark of the divine. It is your reality. The body, mind, and emotions are your illusions. Because the soul is active and dynamically alive, you must become active and alive in order to know this essence of yourself and awaken yourself to the reality of the dynamic beingness that is the soul. You cannot awaken to that which is active by being passive. You must become active to reach soul consciousness and that is why spiritual exercises are a key to Soul Transcendence.

Experience a practical introduction to meditation and spiritual exercises in these 10 short lessons. The lessons are each approximately 1-3 minutes long for you to read, listen, and watch.

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