Simplify Your Life

This process is designed to help you relax and let go of anything that’s tying up your energy.

Step 1

Be patient. Take a breath. Be aware of your shoulders. Lower them. Relax.

Step 2

Whatever comes your way comes because you have brought it to you. The romantic way to look at it is to say you’ve been given a test, which you can pass or fail. In reality it is just you, drawing to yourself the next step in your growth. At this point you can go in whatever direction you want to go.

Step 3

It is easier to go negative because that is the thrust of our world. To choose positive or negative is not an equal contest. The odds are stacked against you.

Step 4

As a Spiritual Warrior, with your Sword of Truth and armed with your intention, the odds will tilt back in your favor.

Step 5

But you must have the energy to do it. A Spiritual Warrior works with impeccability to conserve energy for the most important task of all: Awareness. Awareness means being open and continuing to expand in spite of and because of any obstacles you meet.

Step 6

The clutter in your life takes energy to maintain. Start with the smallest things. Clear away a little and you’ll be amazed at the vast amounts of energy it releases inside of you. Incomplete things also tie up energy.

Step 7

Simplify your life. You do not need all the clutter you are holding on to. Get rid of it now because it is stealing your energy.

Step 8

Guilt – let go of it right now.

Step 9

Keep around you only the things that give you energy.


Read Spiritual Warrior – The Art of Spiritual Living by John-Roger